Transparency is Important to Us


What you pay for...Portfolio Management

You pay one fee & we are under retainer for all of your financial questions. See our 20 second video to get an idea of how we primarily charge.

Other Fee Options - Flat Fee $2,500 for a Full Financial Plan.

Additional Fees

  • Some 3rd parties may charge an additional .25% for management.
  • Up to $20 transaction fee...Money goes to the Custodian, not us.
  • All of our affiliates charge independently from IWG and the fee is dependent on a case to case basis.

    How Commission Advisors Get Paid...Know the Cost!


    • Cost to Buy or Sell a Mutual Fund - As high as 5.75%, paid to the advisor, before your money is even invested.

    • Cost to Buy or Sell a Stock/Bond - As high as 2.5%, paid to the advisor, per transaction.

    • 12 b 1 Fee - What a Mutual Fund Charges to manage your money...not to the advisor.

    • Fee based Management is now available - up to 2% annually based on the portfolio value.