Our Trusted Partner!

Our Trusted Partner!

Property & Casualty

How many times have we received our auto or homeowner's insurance bill and just pay it? Many companies are now competing heavily for your dollar.  Although the savings may be small, they can add up over time. We generally can save individuals 5% - 15% on the cost of their auto and homeowner's insurance.

For a 30 year old couple, saving as little as $60 per month on their auto and homeowner's insurance can turn into an extra $26,250 for retirement if they saved it under their mattress.  

Putting that money away for the next 35 years can turn that $60 per month into an extra $130,000 if it is invested into places where that money works hard for them! This couple was already used to paying for the auto and homeowners insurance, but now the money they were used to spending is working harder for them.

At IWG, we partner with independent agencies across San Antonio to help find you the best rates from well known established companies such as Progressive, Traveler's, the Hartford, and Liberty Mutual. We understand that it isn't just about the lowest rate.  It's about the service you receive after something happens.

Contact us to have one of our representatives to help see if we can save you money on your auto and homeowner's insurance.

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