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Why Choose iWG plus


24/7 Access to our Online Dashboard

• Keep track of your goals in real time
• Put all of your Financial Accounts in one area
• Keep track of your spending and Net Worth
• Use the "Play Zone" to make positive changes


One Client, One Advisor

• A Dedicated Financial Planner just for you
• A Comprehensive Annual Review meeting
• 24/48 Hr Response Rate outside of meetings
• Create a Customized Plan that fits your needs

A Comprehensive Financial Plan

• Investment Analysis & Recommendations
• Insurance Analysis & Recommendations
Budgeting, Debt Management, College Planning

• Basic Estate Plan Strategy


Straight Forward Pricing!

What's Your Desired Level of Guidance?



  • 1 Annual Review Meeting

  • Investment Analysis

  • Insurance Analysis 

  • Basic Estate Plan Strategy

  • 24/7 Client Dashboard

  • Dedicated Financial Advisor

  • Loyalty Program


*Additional questions can be answered via email.



  • All Essential Level Plus... 

  • 1 Additional Semi-Annual Review Meeting

  • Account Aggregation: Put all of your accounts in one secure place for easy visibility.​

    • Investment Accounts, Credit Cards, Loans, etc...

* 10% Discount for Active Investment Management...​​

Originally 1% | Now 0.9%​



  • All Intermediate Level Plus... 

  • 2 Additional Review Meetings​​

    • Total of ​​4 Meetings:

    • 3 Quarterly Reviews & 1 Annual Review.

* 15% Discount for Active Investment Management...​​

Originally 1% | Now 0.85%​

*After recommendations are provided by the Financial Advisor all investments must be made by the client. For more information on Active Investment Management click on Fee Details.

Additional Services

Digital Work Life

Active Investment Management

We can help you invest with the following accounts:

  • 401k Rollovers

  • TRS, 403b & ORP

  • Traditional & Roth IRA's

  • Also, Business Retirement Accounts:

    • SEP's​, SIMPLE's, Solo 401k's, and others. Inquire for more info.

*Click button below for fee details

Healthcare Img.png

Insurance Solutions

We offer the following Solutions:

*We are compensated by the insurance company and don't charge additional fees to you for the insurance solution. 

Do you have more complex financial needs?

IWG Private Wealth Solutions

Considerable wealth must be cultivated by a knowledgable advisor.

Click below to reach our Private Advisors.

Process Overview

What to expect when you work with us

Schedule Your Virtual Meeting

Schedule an appointment that works with your timeframe.

Attend Virtual Meeting

Once you schedule your Virtual Consultation you will receive a welcome email with next steps.

Schedule & Attend Recommendation Meeting

In this meeting you will receive the Financial Planner's recommendations that will help you reach financial success.

Attend Comprehensive Annual Review

When you complete a full year, you and your Financial Planner will have a comprehensive review. Recommendations will be assessed based on your personal circumstances.




What's included with the $49/month subscription?

With the Entry Level Plan you will receive 24/7 Access to our online dashboard along with the ability to email our Financial Planners with questions/concerns outside of scheduled meetings. In addition you also get 1 Annual Comprehensive Financial Plan covering, a new Risk Score, Investment & Insurance Analysis, and Basic Estate Planning.

How do I login to the dashboard?

Once you become a client your Financial Planner will give you the information needed to gain full access to your personal financial picture. 

If you already have an account use the link below to login.

How does the Loyalty Program work?

Years 1 & 2 you will receive $5, in the form of an electronic gift card, per quarter. Years 3-4 you will receive $10 per quarter. Starting Year 5 you will receive $15 per quarter. 

*all rewards are in the form of an electronic gift card.


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How does the Referral Program work?

When you refer someone to our platform and they sign up with us, you will receive $20 in the form of an electronic gift card per referral up to 5 times and they will receive a $20 gift card.

*all rewards are in the form of an electronic gift card.


What Can We Help You With?

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