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About Us

We Plan It, You Live It

We, at IWG, wholeheartedly believe in servicing clients by providing sound financial advice and by treating clients with dignity and respect. Our clients are entrusting us with their financial future and that is very important to us, regardless of income level.


 IWG focuses on 3 main services, Asset Management, Estate Planning, & Insurance (AEI).


We believe our AEI Approach to financial planning is what sets us apart from our competitors. Providing quality service, long-term investing strategies and using a team based approach in creating a holistic plan. We must first know YOU before we can make any recommendations!


Our Story

John Chan began his financial career with Alamo Insurance & Wealth Management in the aftermath of the financial meltdown of 2008 -- 2009. George Hinojosa started his career at a larger firm, but wanted to service his clients at a higher level, which led him to start GH Wealth Management in 2014 in Brownsville, TX. 

John and George shared the same vision for cultivating client's future financial success by providing quality service and having an in-depth understanding of their unique needs. In 2018 they decided to bring their 2 financial planning firms together with the common goal of being a more resourceful firm for the benefit of their current and future clients. Creating Independence Wealth Group, IWG.


We understand that clients have a vast array of professional advisors to choose from, but with our holistic approach and quality service, we believe our clients would find a home for their financial needs with our team of trusted advisors.

Meet The Team

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