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Straight Forward Pricing!

What's Your Desired Level of Guidance?



Start Your Plan
  • 1 Annual Review Meeting

  • Investment Analysis

  • Insurance Analysis 

  • Basic Estate Plan Strategy

  • 24/7 Client Dashboard

  • Dedicated Financial Advisor

  • Loyalty Program

*Additional questions can be answered via email.



Start Your Plan
  • All Minimal Level Plus... 

  • 1 Additional Semi-Annual Review Meeting

  • Account Aggregation: Put all of your accounts in one secure place for easy visibility.​

    • Investment Accounts, Credit Cards, Loans, etc...

* 10% Discount for Active Investment Management...​​

Originally 1% | Now 0.9%​



Start Your Plan
  • All Intermediate Level Plus... 

  • 2 Additional Review Meetings​​

    • Total of ​​4 Meetings:

    • 3 Quarterly Reviews & 1 Annual Review.

* 15% Discount for Active Investment Management...​​

Originally 1% | Now 0.85%​

*After recommendations made by the Financial Advisor all investments must be made by the client. For more information on Active Investment Management click on Fee Details.

Additional Services

Digital Work Life

Investment Management

We can help you invest with the following accounts:

  • 401k Rollovers

  • TRS, 403b & ORP

  • Traditional & Roth IRA's

  • Also, Business Retirement Accounts:

    • SEP's​, SIMPLE's, Solo 401k's, and others. Inquire for more info.

*Click button below for fee details

Healthcare Img.png

Insurance Solutions

We offer the following Solutions:

  • Term Life Insurance

  • Permanent Life Insurance

  • Health Insurance (if not covered)

  • Annuities

*We are compensated by the insurance company and don't charge additional fees to you for the insurance solution. 

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